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Who scouted xtrullor?

2017-04-16 15:13:11 by DEC0DE

Who scouted @Xtrullor ? They must be happy having those bragging rights 8)


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2017-04-16 15:24:59

A person.


2017-04-16 18:51:54

By the power vested in me as a moderator, I can confirm that since he was there before the 2012 redesign, a moderator scouted him.

That moderator is none other than @Mich, the same moderator who scouted me.

DEC0DE responds:

He must be proud of himself 8)


2017-04-17 03:51:28

Hah, I didn't even realize. It's worth noting that before the 2012 redesign, the audio portal didn't use a scouting system.

Back then moderators just got a list of first time submitters, and we could either ban or approve them based on that. Bans were permanent (unless manually lifted by an administrator), and being approved meant you were henceforth free to submit to the audio portal.

As the system was converted, and each audio portal submitter needs to have someone who scouted them assigned to them, Newgrounds changed it up so the person who scouted them was listed as the moderator at the time who pressed the approve button. :-)


2017-04-17 06:28:46

I don't know but I personally think @Mich doesn't necessarily feel "proud" of himself, rather than simply saying "my work here is done." I have NEVER known him to be a bragger. Even in his moderating work he is humble. So, whether it be Xtrullor, Waterflame or someone small-scale like myself, I think for him and a lot of others, the feeling would be one of having done their duty well. That's all.

(Updated ) DEC0DE responds:

Yeah I wasn't expecting it to be much a bragger 8) just maybe ones those occasions where you're "oh yeah, you do I know I'm the who scouted Xtrullor?" And watch as some 8yr old gawks in amazement


2017-04-17 06:33:25

Honestly it was just a matter of "is this duplo music?" "does it use any questionable samples?" "is it downright stolen?" "is it a MIDI-rip?" No to all? Approved.

Thanks @Troisnyx, you flatter me. :)